Speight’s Signature Gin received a Silver medal from a panel of high-profile spirits industry judges. Speight’s Signature Gin scored highly in three different categories – Quality, Value and Packaging – in order to take home a medal in the competition.

Winning a Silver medal at the USA Spirits Ratings Competition is not only an ultimate seal of approval but also shows that Speight’s Gin is a high-quality spirit with a broad consumer appeal.

One of the guiding principles of the USA Spirits Ratings competition is that all spirits that receive medals in the competition should be those that consumers actually want to buy, whether it is shopping for a spirit at a retail liquor store, or ordering a spirit off a bar menu. As a result, the USA Spirits Ratings competition has created an entirely new 100-point rating system that takes into account three different criteria (Quality, Value and Packaging) rather than just spirit making technique or overall taste.

In order to receive a Silver medal at the USA Spirits Ratings competition, a spirit needs to score at least 80 points.

“We’re really excited that our Signature Gin scored so highly on the various factors that determine the drinkability of a spirit,” said Peter from Speight’s Gin. “We really put a lot of emphasis on creating a spirit with broad consumer appeal, and one that spirit drinkers would enjoy for a variety of different occasions. This award is really a validation of our spirit making expertise.”

Sid Patel, CEO and Founder of Beverage Trade Network, emphasized on the importance of finding spirits that score highly across all three categories rather than just one, “We feel that it offers a broad, comprehensive approach to evaluating spirits the same way that consumers and trade buyers do.”

“Increasingly, consumers are thinking of spirits as brands, just like they would of any other product they find in supermarket,” said Patel. “That’s why it was so important to include Packaging & Presentation as a key judging criteria – it means that the spirit is being created with a specific type of customer or demographic in mind.”

The judging panel included spirits industry professionals with commercial buying expertise. It also included professionals from leading retail chains, wholesalers, distributors, specialty retailers and casual and fine dining establishments.

The inclusion of so many high-profile judges ensured that spirits that were awarded medals in competition were those with a high degree of commercial appeal.

“Tucked away in a lush floral garden; on a tiny street in Northowram, next to the rolling hills of the Shibden Valley, is Speight’s Gin Distillery. Nestled below a great Horse-Chestnut tree and surrounded by a cornucopia of wild flowers and creeping vines. Speight’s Distillery is family, where an elegant copper pot still produces small batches day in day out of the flavorsome floral nectar named after the family – Speight’s Gin”.