Welcome to SP8 Gin website, we are delighted to offer you our premium Gins which has been handcrafted using a traditional copper Still and locally sourced produce. Our Standard, Bilberry and Rhubarb Gins have proved a winning success and we will continue to develop our product range over the coming months.


Tucked away in a lush floral garden; on a tiny street in Northowram, next to the rolling hills of the Shibden Valley, is Peter Speight’s shed. The shed is nestled below a great Horse-Chestnut tree and surrounded by a cornucopia of wild flowers and creeping vines. The shed houses the Speight’s family run distillery, where an elegant copper pot still produces small batches, day in and day out, of the flavoursome floral nectar named after the family – sp8 gin.

There are 12 botanicals used in sp8 gin, most of which are kept under lock and key, to ensure the recipe is a Speight family secret. There is Juniper, of course, alongside, Hibiscus flowers, elderberry, rose petal, wild rosehip, locally sourced hand-picked Bilberries and Rhubarb. The overall taste is a floral bouquet and is like walking in to a flower garden on a hot summers day, where the sweet scent hits your nose.

Peter is obsessed with quality and sourcing natural products. He spends many hours developing future flavours from local ingredients and has a great understanding of how the botanicals influence the Gin. Having developed his unique blends, there are rigorous tasting sessions, which are carried out by his wife Angela and his daughter Victoria. The tasting sessions establish which tonics and flavours are needed to get the full enjoyment from the gin.

A family run business; this isn’t just by- the-book gin making, it’s a full-on family passion. Anyone who has met the family will tell you how much they care about what they do. The Speight love nature and all it has to offer, which helps produce this fine spirit, encapsulating a summers day in a bottle.

Part of the future development will be to provide open distillery tours with tasting experiences and Gin making classes. Alongside SP8 gin, Peter will be producing his signature honey roast hams, cooked in his smoker at the bottom of the garden. These would be perfect to order for any special occasion.